My name is Simon and I am SG Art Turning. I have always had great respect and love for construction and creating with wood. Several months ago, I discovered the art of wood turning and in it, have found my passion! Every raw block of wood from every different type of tree yields very different and absolutely unique finished products! The most spectacular pieces come from trees diseased with Ambrosia which gives the striated darker colour. Every item that I create is dried for several days then sanded and treated with edible oils so that the wood is protected and enhanced in colour and texture. I am a perfectionist – pieces that are not perfect in my mind’s eye are discarded.

I have set up my shop in my garage which I heat with wood chips from the turning so there is no waste. I spend hours alone with my wood and my dogs, turning and carving the items that you see here and more creations that have yet to be born!

I do hope that you enjoy using my items as much as I enjoy making them! Should you wish to purchase a one-of-a-kind piece or have an idea for something you would like me to create, please contact me.